What are the best Make up brands to use?

I am looking for good make up brands to use...

Make up such as; eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, foundation or other cover up, lipstick-lip gloss etc.

Any suggestions?


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  • mascara-Maybelline The Falsies is great! But get the original formula..the purple tube with the blue writing, not the Flared or the Black Drama

    eyeliner-I liked Prestige Total Intensity but it bothered my eyes. Right now I'm using Ulta Waterproof Automatic and it is good but a bit smudgey. The best eyeliner is Bobbi Brown gel but it is a bit expensive and not as easy to apply as a pencil.

    eyeshadow-i don't really notice a difference between brands, I use a primer underneath it. I like loreal and I also have some maybelline ones that are fine

    lip products-revlon colorstay is good, it's a lipcolor, goes on more like lipgloss but it looks more like a dark lipstain.

    cover up-hard candy glamoflauge is good but you can only find it at Wal Mart and it's tricky. Make Up Forever Full Cover is good too

    Blush-any really but I love NARS Orgasm

    Foundation-is really iffy based on your skin needs, I would go to a department store or sephora and have them help find one for your needs


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  • Eyeliner(liquid) - Stila

    Eyeliner(pencil) - Covergirl

    Mascara - Benefit/Clinique

    Eyeshadow - MAC

    Blush - Covergirl

    Foundation - Almay

    Concealer - Covergirl

    Lipstick - Clinique

    Lipgloss - Clinique/MAC

    But the best thing is to make sure the colors work for you and your skin tone or else you'll look cheap no matter how expensive or high quality your makeup!

  • i really like clinique foundation and lipgloss. mac eyeshadow and eyeliner.

  • I'm a big fan of Shiseido eye shadow

  • Love the Lancome and the cheaper Zara


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