Why does it always seem to be attractive women that have daddy issues?

it seems like girls that are less attractive actually like nice guys and being treated right. but the hotter the girl the more she wants a guy that mistreats her? why is it always the hot girls with daddy issues? it's so annoying.


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  • Let me put it this way, the more attractive girls get hit on twice as much, right?

    So think of the first type of guy she would get attention from (a prick)

    She goes out with him, he mistreats her, and leaves and she chases him, because he makes it like he doesn't want her which makes her want him more. He then finally leaves or she leaves, but she will always run towards the next di*k head because she subconsciously does not know any better. Until she meets someone who wakes her up. I'm speaking from experience so trust what I tell you next.

    Although it may not be who you are, don't mistreat this girl or be a prick, but play a little hard to get her curiosity will draw her to you and eventually you will have the chance to be who you are and her actually realising you are the best guy she's ever had.

    • well I'm a good guy. I'd tried to get the girl I was crazy about to wake up. she was just like this. but it didn't do me any good. girls are mentally and emotionally insane.

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    • have you contacted her?

      As corny as it sounds, there is plenty of fish in the sea, if you only use the same bait you'll almost always catch the same fish.

      Try something different, maybe you're always going for the girl who's always attached to losers?

    • no. why should I? I did plenty of times back when she was around and when we talked. she never put forth any effort whatsoever. and I tried and tried. if she were to want something from me now, it's about time she spoke up and put her self on the line. she was definitely attracted to losers. I don't get why. she was an awesome girl. but losers are always the cool guys in middle school and high school so whatever. you would think people would consider the big picture, but I've found that untrue.

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  • What is rare becomes what is desirable. A girl who is used to having men sacrifice for her and proclaim their undying love for her will notice a guy who doesn't fawn over her because of her beauty because it's rather senseless don't you think?

    A girl who is used to having guys ignore her and mistreat her, will want to have a guy who treats her well.

    • I guess... but how can the pretty girl think that's even healthy to begin with? you can find love in a no love situation lol.

    • *can't find love... oops big difference in meaning there haha

  • Well we women can't pick and chose who our fathers are. If we could I would trade mine in a heartbeat. As for wanting to be treated bad, it not that we want that but if someone has never known anything different than that is what is to be expected. I had to do some deep soul searching to change my mindset about men and what I wanted in one. I just to want the bad boy and thinking that I would have to get hurt in order to be happy but that was because of what I saw at home with my own parents. But anyway if you meet someone like this don't give up on her, you might be what she needs to be set straight.

    :) Good Day

    • tried it. ended badly. nothing has come out of it.

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  • There is a bad joke about women :

    "It can be only two among those three : beautiful, balanced, single."

    Actually experience proves it not to be so untrue ;)

  • I know what you mean man. Got a few in my life at the moment. I'm just ignoring them because I don't want to deal with that sh*t. If they grow up a little, I might give them a chance.

    • agreed man. I'm picky with women. they need to be in a stable place and be attractive for me to even take notice, or at least appear mature and stable. the trouble is that so many attractive girls are not, its like they don't have a clue. its all about parties and clubs and unicorns and butterflies and all that crap. please just grow up! ya know? hahah

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