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So, in my opinion I think most girls wear make up to make themselves feel pretty and can't give us a self confidence boost! My question is, would you rather have a girl wear no make up, just enough make up to have a light and pretty glow, or go "all out" and wear eyeliner, mascara, coverup, foundation, eyeshadow and haver her face be practically perfect doll face? Just out of personal preference, what do y'all think and why!?!?:)


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  • If you're going to wear makeup, subtle and non-overdone is best. I can understand girls who really change the way they look with makeup for a night out or something. That's fine.

    But if it's everyday, then it seems overdone. Minimal makeup to highlight features is best. Save the heavier makeup for nights out or other occasions.


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  • I am more than fine with natural...semi-natural is probably OK as well...most guys won't complain about eye makeup...especially mascara and eyebrow pencil...some gals look really good with eyeshadow or eyeliner..although some do not. What guys really hate is concealer, blush, foundation and other words if you confine yourself to eyes, eyebrows or maybe lips and leave the rest of your face alone..gonna hear very few complaints from guys..(:

    • Haha, yeah I understand, I was just wondering because one of my friends plasters her face with foundation and everything and you can practically see the line for her mask. I guess. And she gets a lot of attention from guys, I'm not complaining or anything but I guess all guys just have a different preference!?

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    • Hahaha she's a sweet girl but just seems to kind of hid herself behind her make up. If you know what I mean.

    • When I see a female like that..I just want to get a warm washcloth and wipe all of that sh*t off../:

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  • They don't care. I'm going to say either as long as it looks natural. Sometimes I wear just mascara and concealer but I often add liner and some light lip color and I feel most confident this way but they like me either way.

    • Yeah I understand! Like I will use cover up sometimes but other thane that I have natural make up, plus it's just easy to put on and take off and night!:)

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