Boys are intimidated by me? I don't want anyone to be intimidated by me!

what do I do? I m good looking I m so understanding and loving.i m sorry I m saying this but boys are so intimidated by me that I sometimes like a guy so much and I m sure he likes me but but he is so afraid to take a move w me also I m a bit shy when it comes to feelings and afraid of rejection also I m rich so I dnt know what to do sometimes I wish I m not rich maybe then boys ll have more corage w me also I know that men like to feel needed by their girl although I m appear independant but inside me of course I need a man to take care of me and love me. what do I do?also I m down to earth.i know everyone has great qualties and I appreciate my man for all of his I just hope boys would understand that about me that if I love someone I ll think the world of him.please I need advice thanks


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  • Just calm down and remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone suitable for you is out there.


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