I want your preferences: eyes, hair & height?

Guys- So out of curiosity I want to know what you guys prefer: blondes? Redheads? Brunettes? Blue eyes? Hazel? Green? Short? Tall? Average?

And what are your reasons? I want real reasons.

I also want to know: what are you? Dark skinned? Hazel eyes? Blue? Brunette? Blonde? Tall? Are you 6'2"? Or are you 5'4"?

Just wondering...
So not only do I want to know what yet prefer, I want to know why.



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  • I have no strict rules when it comes to appearence, so I'm open to just about any type.

    I really like Latinas though. I like straight, dark black hair, tan skin, short, with curves in all of the right places.

    There is no real reason why anyone is physically attracted to someone. It's personal taste.

    I'm 5'6", black hair in a military cut, brown eyes, tan skin, and a solid build (like a bouncer not a track star).

    • Cool... unfortunatley I've fallen for a few guys that liked my personality, but wouldn't date me because I'm a little to short for their liking and/or because I don't have darker hair or darker skin.

    • That's too bad. But, like I said, "I have no strict rules when it comes to appearence, so I'm open to just about any type."

    • Well at least some guy does. (:

  • Medium to long dark hair, straight, short to average height, dark tan complexion, blue or green eyes and athletic build...ideal. The idea applies if I were to custom order. Why...can't honestly say "why" I just know that is my preference. However, in the real world beauty comes in all shapes and sizes so it really doesn't matter as long as the person is someone you enjoy being around.

    Me...medium to dark tan, 6'0", long straight (below shoulder) medium brown hair, green eyes, and a medium build.


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