What length of hair do you like on the other half and why?

Obviously hair style depends on the style and gender of your other half.

That being said, what do you prefer, long, medium, short? What kind of style (punky, funky, rocky, normal, tidy, straight, curly, colorful, etc etc) tell us what you like appearance wise on your other half! :)

Btw the reason I asked is my friend wants to cut her hair boy short and I have long hair (between my shoulders and elbows)


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  • I prefer the longer hair on a female. I find that the option of hairstyles increases with length. Not to mention, I find females with super-long hair can be a bit more attractive, since it shows strong dedication to something (as long as it is clean). Also, longer hair can be used in more sensual ways. I like the feel of long hair brushed against my skin, or running my fingers through it. There are downsides, such as I can get in the way, or caught under a hand. I once actually closed my long hair in a door.

    I think long is the way to go.

    • Define "super long"

    • When I say super-long, I mean longer than one would normally see on a female. As the gentleman called TheDigitalSaint explains, down to her waist is extremely attractive, even the middle of the back is pretty darn sexy. I also like when I girl knows how to change her hairstyle without cutting it. I am also big fan of different colors. My hair is currently purple. Something different than the normal shows that a girl has enough confidence in her looks that she can live outside of the "norm"

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  • Long hair on a girl is h-a-w-t.

    Preferably down to her waist, but anything longer than shoulder length is headed in the right direction. I don't prefer any particular color or style, just that it be long and not up in a pony tail. It can be straight, curly, etc.

    • So your not a blonde/brunette guy?

    • I like all hair colors equally. To me, the key is length. Girls are often deluded into thinking that most boys think that "boy cuts" are cute. We don't. Yes, there are few exceptions, but it is generally girls telling other girls that their short hair is "cute". The color is of no importance compared to the length (and being nicely washed of course and shiny).

  • i like long hair because she can put her hair up in a ponytail


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  • medium to dark brown.


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