Do high school boys like more boy shaped girls with thighs that don't touch?

I hope not because I'm curvy not the excuse of fat curt literally curvy b cup. 126 lbs and 5'2. I have a butt and hips. My legs touch and then above where that touch there is a small gap. Also my arms are not toned but not huge. Do arms matter a lot to high school boys
Thank you all!

You guys are really nice and honest!


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  • I love a body type like yours and I know plenty of guys who do, too. And yes, we felt this way in our high school years. Don't worry about it and don't you dare starve yourself or some dumb sh*t like that.


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  • Actually, sounds like your doing pretty damn good. Wouldn't worry bout it.


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  • Honestly, high school guys have no idea what they want. Females are much more mature at that age, and when I was in high school I always dated older guys. I know it's hard to hear "don't worry about what they think" but seriously. once you're out, it's the most insignificant thing in the world. As you get older, guys will find you more and more attractive. You'll be happy you're curvy, trust me. High school sucks no matter what. Even if you are pretty and popular, it still sucks. just stick it out and wait for the real fun to begin in college lol


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