How do I get a light brown from the dyed black hair I have now?

question says it all, and what haircut should I get, I have a round face, currently have a grown out bob, have thick hair lots of it too, right now it's right at my shoulders, something different


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  • You're going to need to bleach it. Anytime you go from dark to light you need to strip the color. I highly suggest you get this done professionally otherwise chances are your hair will be messed up. Leave it to the professionals, they are hairdressers for a reason. I can't really tell you what haircut without a pic but if you have a bob now then you should grow out your hair. There's not much you can do with hair at your shoulders unless you cut it all off.

  • Maybe get it layered.. And if you want your hair to be brown, you have to get you're stripped, NOT BLEACHED.. I think the products called begin again..


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