How to get over the fact that I'm ugly ?

I'm ugly , its just the truth and it can't be changed , I'm just ugly.

How do I stop letting that affect my life ?

How do I just move on and stop defining myself by the way I look?

How to be happy as an ugly girl ?

How to get over the fact that I'm ugly?

I don't want this control my life forever , I'm still 17 and I do want to enjoy myself.


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  • HI! I may not have the answers your looking for, but I feel that is because no one does.

    But I will try to help.

    My brothers girlfriend is really, really ugly, yet he is a good looking guy!

    everyone tells him that she is so ugly but he swears that he loves her because she accepts him for who she is.

    Not everyone in this world is superficial and judgmental.

    Just because the norm is does not mean everyone is.

    Everyone has their challenges in life.

    You will never be given a challenge in life that you can not overcome.

    It is the spirit and soul of each individual that makes them who they are not their physical appearance..

    There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to accept and love themselves for who they are.

    Do you really think that the cheerleader, or the movie star that spends hours in front of the mirror changing herself is truly happy with who she is?

    NO! if she was she would not have to change a thing about herself, but she does. Why? Because she has a void inside of her. as we all do!

    this society conditions us to think outside ourselves. there are 7 billion people on this earth. there is someone out there that will accept you for who you are, but you must be happy with you first. when you do that it will show and people will be attracted to your heart not you face or body shape.

    it is what is on the inside that counts. when we die we cannot take our makeup, our friends, gfs, bfs, mother, farther or anyone with us.

    there will come a time when we all must face ourselves. our true selves.

    Sometime struggle is necessary for the purification of ones soul.


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  • everybody has some strengths and some weaknesses! don't compare your weaknesses with the strength of others!

    Beauty is the strength of few let them try to be d best in being beautiful

    find out what you are strong in?! and be THE BEST in that!

  • Are you a butterface? Contrary to popular belief, butterface is not a derogatory term. It is a compliment. It means you have a take it or leave it face or even butt ugly; but the body is so banging that the guys don't care.

    There is your answer. Go to the gym. Eat right. Maximize your assets. I've seen lots of pretty girls--even playboy centerfolds--lose their pretty face after age 30 or so; but if the body is still rockin' they become MILFs.

    • Not only are butterfaces pretty sought after, but they become more so. In 10 years, most of the women around you will be fat. If you're in good shape, have a decent hair cut, and dress well, you'll be above average.

  • You can't say anyone you're ugly, maybe you don't care to be pretty enough? And why do you post it anynomous? Maybe not everyone think you're ugly? I know a girl said this to me before, but she was really pretty, and another one, which was sexiest girl I have ever seen lol'd stop lying your self and try to be pretty :) None is ugly ;p

  • You've ran into a paradox..."How do I just move on and stop defining myself by the way I look?" while asking a question asking about you being an ugly person and that is your defining trait.

  • you want to know why you're ugly?

    because you let yourself think you are...

    stop doing the American thing and judging a book by its cover...youre probably a GREAT individual, smart and sexy in your own need to highlight who you are as a person, how the make up you wear...

    be confident, know your standards, know YOURSELF...BE YOURSELF...

    maybe you find love, maybe you wont, love isn't meant for everyone ya know...just be happy with who you are and keep friends around that remind of you that..

    LOVE YOURSELF! :) :) :)

  • if you can change it why care. And there is honestly someone attracted to you even if you are ugly you can b attractive


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  • You can realize that looks aren't everything. Be proud of who you are underneath that. Confidence goes a long way, regardless of looks to back it up. (Conversely, good looks without the confidence to back it up is kind of useless).


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