What is an ideal gauge size for ear piercings?

I have friends all over, from unpierced to 5/8'' plugs. I find they can be cute to a point but start to look gross when they get too big. Where is that point to you?


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  • Tha gauge at which you originally got them pierced at.

  • i like gauges not the ones that look like your earlobe could tear any second lol, but the smaller ones look hot :)

    • About which size? My friend loaned me tapers to take it all the way down to 00, but I'm thinking I only want to go to 6 or maybe 4.

    • um I'm unfamiliar with how the size thing works, but I'd say don't go bigger than dime :)

    • A dime is pretty damn big in my opinion. That's about 3/4 inch. A 4gauge is about 1/3 the size of a dime.

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