Do guys look back at ugly girls?

At the gym, I sometimes find myself sometimes looking in the direction of a cute guy.. but I have a straight face on so I'm not flirting or anything, but I do find that when I do that, sometimes the guy looks back at me and he keeps looking til I look away. Is that Because he thinks I'm cute or I'm just the ugly girl staring at him?


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  • I stare ugly girls down all the time! In fact, there's a 68% chance that when I stare a girl down I'm secretly nitpicking her flaws. Or I might find them cute, idk. I make up most statistics on the spot.

    • lol I didn't mean stare down, I just meant look at me while he's putting his weight away or whatever else

  • The latter.

    • why would you guys waste your time staring at an ugly girl though? that seems...wasteful

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    • what if it was a good looking girl staring at you

    • can't give away all my secrets hun

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