Would it annoy you guys if the girl you dated attracts a lot of guys?

there are constantly guys who flirt with her, talk to her and try to get her attention, even in front of your face? Would that bother you? But at the end of the day, she loves you and she only wants you?


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  • no it wouldn't annoy me because I'm confident in myself. It would only annoy me if she is flirting back constantly because it's not being respectful

    • i only talk to the guy cause he's a security guard at our store and sometimes he asks me questions of how things are where I work but I have been finding lately he talks to me a lot. my boyfriend notices as he walkls by and so does his friend. but I mean I'm seeing my boyfriend when we can see each other.i am just afraid cause he's been cheated on in the past, he would think I'm doing the same which I'm not. I've never cheated and never will

  • It would annoy me yes, but if she only loved and wanted me, it wouldn't matter.


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