Does makeup mess a lot with your face overtime?

My sisters have worn makeup since forever and I'm just wondering if chemicals in it or something messes with the color or tone of your face because when they don't wear any, they're REALLY pale and I have seen them without makeup before and they seem to have gotten paler overtime.


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  • No, I use foundation on special occasions. But I mostly use coverup and powder.

    My point is, I haven't seen any change in my skin from makeup, at all. I think you aren't used to seeing your sisters without makeup anymore. I bet they use bronzer or something to inhance color of thier face. When they take it off you are like WTF? Weren't you just tan? That's the thing makeup is confusing. No makeup changes the color of can seemingly do it..but ever actually change it. Your sisters are naturally pale. Some makeup can give allergic reactions depending on the ingredients and how it works with your skin...which results in a rash or acne. But not all makeup does this. I am lucky to never have had an issue of that. my skin is still fine. I realized when I drank only iced coffee for 2 months straight I started breaking I drank pure water and my face came back. I wouldn't blame my makeup for poor diet and etc. But anyway...your sisters are just pale.


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  • I've never heard of it doing this. They're pale because that's how their skin tone is normally. The foundation/whatever they use probably just is the wrong color and a darker shade. Of course you aren't going to tan if you wear foundation since most foundations have a sunscreen in them. What can happen if you wear makeup a lot is that your face will probably break out if you don't properly get rid of the makeup on your face after the day is over.

    • Hmm...Well their mom *they're my stepsisters, not biological* said they're ugly without makeup and I'm like that's just because you're used to seeing them with makeup I think *they put it on pretty much right after waking up...*

    • Could be. There's a difference between your face actually evolving into something different and using makeup to create a whole different look for you.

    • Possible...Though I ask this question because I myself don't wear makeup...It's just too much of a hassle for me and I don't see it as important, so I don't know much about it.

  • no. unless there's lead in their foundation, but they quit using that a few hundred years ago.

    • I just read that the FDA found lead in over 400 types of lipstick, but I may be misinformed...

    • oh wow. but I meant in terms of foundation and concealer. Lead in lipstick, that's new to me.

    • I may be misinformed...I've read evidence against it as well, but I haven't looked deep into it or anything. But ya they use a. lot. of foundation, you can tell when it cakes lol

  • I think you're just used to seeing them with the makeup on

    • That might be part of it, too, though I think all the foundation's blocking the sun, so it'll make their faces paler...

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    • Hmm...They're all older than me but they're ridiculously pale, though, like almost albino-ish white lol

    • It probably has more to do with genetics.

  • I don't think so.I mean skin changes over time anyway that's why it's impotant to take care of it.But I think you were seeing them with absolutely no makeup on.Or maybe they are that pale because it's winter.There could be a ton of reasons.

  • i used to wear a lot of makeup almost daily and my skin was changed underneath. I got paler. I am black, but my skin lost its glow and was kind of a dull, pale-ish light brown. its just not good to constantly have a mask covering your face like that. now I don't wear foundation, blush and powder as much, if ever. I'll just do a little concealer if I need it and only wear eyemakeup

    most girls I know who wear face makeup on a regular basis don't have the best skin when they take it off. even if they don't have breakouts, their skin doesn't look as glowing and healthy

  • It actually does depending on many variables.

    • Well I know makeup was never meant to be put on our faces like that, especially so much of it...They still seem pretty normal besides the paleness though lol

  • i don't think so. I'm still ugly. ha ha joking.


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