Should I be worried that my boyfriend told so?

I asked my boyfriend if he likes tall girls or small more, he told he likes more tall girls with beautiful long legs,.. And now it makes me wonder because I am rather small girl, I am 162 cm :(, do you think I should be worried now?


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  • Yeah, you should be worried. Your boyfriend sounds like a total prick. Who would say something like that? He's completely insensitive.


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  • Everyone has preferences, but at the end of the day, most of us tend to put the more superficial ones aside and choose people to be with based on more important things (personality, compatibility).

    Even though I have a pretty open mind, I still have preferences, and occasionally I'll get lucky and those preferences will match up with a girl that I really like (becasue of her personality). But I've also dated many girls who don't match my physical preferences as much, because they had great personalities and attitudes, and that's what's really important.

    Your guy chose YOU. It's not like you were tall when he chose you, and then now you're short, and he's wondering where the rest of you went. He knew you were short(er) from the beginning, and still chose you. That should make you MORE secure, not less, because if he was that superficial, he wouldn't have chosen you to begin with.

    Only a small percentage of people are total slaves to their physical preferences, and those people are usually miserable and broken.

  • Honestly I don't think you should be worried at all. If he wanted a tall girl with beautiful long legs, he wouldn't be with you, but he is with you, so he wants you. Overall I don't think you have anything to worry about.


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  • Dont be worried at all he's obviously with you because he likes YOU! That's like saying I should be worried because my boyfriend like big boobs (who doesn't?) but mine are small, that doesn't mean he doesn't like me or my boobs or that he's going to leave me because of it.

    Relax, I'm sure there are things you like that your guy doesn't have but it really doesn't make a difference.


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