Ladies: What are some simple ways to look pretty?

What are some daily simply things I can do to look and feel pretty?


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  • Simple things I do to feel pretty are:

    *A LIST

    (I know it sounds cheesy,but I have a list that I look at and read everyday citing the things I like most about myself.I look at it,ponder on it for a bit and think about experiences where as those characteristics shined though.That instantly makes me feel pretty.The ability to bask in my own individuality.

    *Painting my nails (its a small thing but, I like knowing that my nails look nice since I am very expressive with my hands.

    *Teeth Whitening (I don't do it all of the time of course,but my teeth are blinging!

    *Excercise (some form of exercise helps with positive body image,and an enhance positive mood.I personally enjoy riding my bike daily as well as dancing.)

    *LAUGH (everyday,i try to look up a comedian I enjoy,or a funny book,or movie. I do this to get myself use to smiling for the day.Everyone looks prettier and even feels prettier when they are lighthearted and ready to have a good time.)

    *Makeup and Hair Check (Im not saying you have to wear makeup,but if you do,make sure it's not sloppy.The same for your hair.Spend a little extra time in those areas if you will.)

    *Wardrobe (Wear exactly what makes you feel good!)


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  • Depends. I know girls who wear heels everyday because it makes them feel and look pretty. It's all about personal preference, not something we can give you

  • Just Youtube Jenna Marbles, she'll give you instructions on how to make yourself pretty.

    • lmao too funny :P

    • Why the down votes everyone? This is a legitimate answer.

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  • eyeliner, be simple with it though, have a little makeup on because it really makes a difference. Happiness as well makes a girl pretty, oh and to feel prettier about yourself, just go to wal mart for two hours and then see how you feel afterwards.

  • it's about what makes you feel pretty. for me that is cute eyemakeup ( a little liner, mascara and light color app), a good hair day and cute outfit

  • Well, for me, I feel pretty when I put on heels, some mascara and as my nickname says, red lipstick. :P

    And I also think smiling makes you feel pretty too, and try to enjoy life. :D

  • getting my layers and bangs fixed to frame my face makes me feel a lot better.

    getting my eyebrows waxed makes me feel amazing. they look so shapely and almost change the appearance of my face and it makes me feel great.

    also some mascara and lip balm are good cause my lips get dry and right once I apply lip balm they look so much better, and mascara just brightens up my eyes and makes me look more awake.

    although no one is going to see it.. matching bra and panties makes me feel really good.

    face masks? my guilty pleasure, they make your skin look and feel great quickly. I'm wearing one now ;) lol

    • I didn't know matching bra and panties actually made women feel prettier. I thought it was just because they wanted to keep them matching (yes, there's a difference)

  • I like to shower in the morning because starting the day off clean always makes me feel great. I dry my hair out with a blow dryer and boar bristle brush because it gives it body and makes it shiny. Lipstick in a pinkish color, mascara and concealer are my go to makeup staples, nothing too overwhelming. Also I always have my nails painted a new color and I can't stand when they get chipped. Someone mentioned underwear making you feel better about yourself and mine definitely does. Best panties and bra = best day. I also wear light springy colors because it always makes me feel happy and they look good on me.

    Sp basically, shower daily, dry hair, light makeup, nails done, nice underwear and happy clothes. That always makes me happy.


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