Men, seeing all of the make up that women wear, do you feel that most know how to actually apply it?

I see women with tons of products, crazy styles (clothing), caked on make up, and insane hairstyles that just shouldn't be worn in public. Do you feel that women try too hard? Or that they just don't know what to do? I mean, what do you notice. This is your chance to tell women what no to do...ever again :P


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  • I tend to think that, like guys, they 'try to hard', try to follow fashion trends without regard to how they work for THEM. Also, they want to look like media figures, and often those people are hideous. That's OK when you're a media figure, but not for real people! They just don't understand that when real people try to emulate media stars, they frighten ordinary people away!


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  • I think good make up is where it looks like girl does not wear any.

    Natural beauty is most beautiful for me.

  • I could not guess at percentages but Yes! there are a lot of females that don't have a clue...and those that do know how to wear makeup are the ones that I MIGHT date...but less or none is always better...(:

  • Very few girls know how to do it professionally. Those who do are mostly in their 30s and older.

  • The only thing I observe is that some women seem obsessed by wearing eyeliner (I think that's what it is) at all costs. Some end up looking like ancient Egyptian concubines.


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