Could someone please recommend a lipstick color which is as close to my natural lip color as possible?

Hi,girls.I am a Chinese with fair yellow-toned complexion and I am looking for a lipstick color that is as close to my natural lip color as possible.This is because I have a baby face and most lipstick colors make me look very matured.

My preferred brands are Maybelline,Loreal,Silky Girl,Revlon,Canmake,ZA,Rimmel and Body Shop as they are more affordable.Thanks so much for helping!


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  • Never really found a good color with those brands. Try looking into NYX. It's fairly inexpensive and they have GREAT colors.

    Personal experience: I like the more yellowish light pink that doesn't make it look fake but enough color that it looks nice. I find that sometimes lipsticks won't do. So my trick is purchasing many different shades of lip color pencil, apply it all over like a lipstick. And blend it out with lip gloss. And I only use one color. My all time favorite lip gloss color is beige. Doesn't really look beige on, but it looks amazing on the lips. It'll neutralize most lipstick colors.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

    • Thanks a lot! :) May I know what is the brand of your favorite beige lip gloss?There's no NYX brand in my country.Are there other brands that you could recommend?

    • Where do you live? And the beige is actually NYX. I believe you could find it in Ulta or online. I actually ended up buying it online since it was easier to work with.

    • I see.I live in Singapore.

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