Beauty/gentic is important to be loved what happens if you not a beauty

i spend my entire life hatting the mirror because how I look and my genetic . because I did not have beautiful sculpture face with high cheek bones and flawless skin and perfect white teeth and shiny hair and beautiful eyes .but no I end up with round fat face and pimple skin ,broken teeth that is yellow ,greasy hair with hair grown out of my chin .i hate the mirror .men don't want female like me I am not hot men seem love looks more then personality a lot more .men won't settle for plain Jane like me I have no money to fixed theses genetic flaws .i can't take photo I look rotten like balloon in it . i,d love to beaitufl looking so I can find guys to like me .guys have rejected me over and over again I gave up on it .i meet guy he was only interested how good looking I was ,i have broken teeth very fat face .please don't tell I have not have found right guy because that rubbish I miss out experience because I am never even given chance I can't even get time of guys let date

i hate been genetic ugly especial for she I am doomed to be alone like I have been whole teens and entire 20s.i have never had boyfriend before I never even got my 1st kiss I was never even asked to dance because I am so ugly looking .guys would touch me with 90 foot pole

being ugly is life doomed to be alone forever
i have no luck guys hate me they rather others girls to me its always the case always the case
please better help no depressing stuff like I have getting I am depressed enough as it it its not helping by yee some of comment help comments not depressing please


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  • Okay first off, you need to learn how to spell/get a ghost-writer, beause what you wrote, was hard to read. As for you being alone, I think you have low self-esteem, so I suggest go out, get youself a cute outfit, get your hair done, and go out. This will give you more confidence. When you have enough confidence guys will want to be with you. Either this, or you are hanging around the wrong guys.

    • sorry about my spelling touch dyslexia since I was child .that why my spelling even if I did look nice guys are still rotten to me I have been told so many time I have given up its the same thing over and over .i also hate how I look I also have weight problem its mix of both

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    • thats make feel so much better I have tll I am dead I feel so much better you told me not .i don't like rubbish news like that people are dying every day where I live .no I didn't I was depressed you made million times worse !

    • well I'm sorry I just tried to help.

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