I think that a lot of girls find me attractive, am I right or wrong?

I am pretty confident when it comes to talking to girls, but I don't know if I am over analyzing all of these girls or if they actually like me. I don't really have any close friends at the school I go to so I can't ask anyone. Its like that one girl that all the guys think is hot but she doesn't know she's hot. How do I find out if all the girls think I'm attractive if none of them approach me just because they are females?


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  • oooooooooooooooooooOoooOoOoOOOOOooo I had the biggest thing for this boy in my music class...i used to fallow him around school and hide behind buildings to just catch a glimpse of him when I was not in class with him...I'm sure someone might find you attractive...but than again I don't know you, you could just be a d***!

    • hahahahaha girls always say I'm nice but I usually act like an a**hole to girls I don't like and even they tell me I'm nice

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  • You just have to take initiative with a girl that you like. If you think they like you then they probably do. Go on, be a man and do what men do.

    • i will proceed to get bitches, thank you sweet 18

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  • well if your as attractive as you think you are I'm sure they will all come to you

    • but girls don't approach guys, I think everyone knows thta

    • guess you don't understand sarcasm vary well

    • dawg there was no sarcastic tone in your answer whatsoever

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