Average thigh size for a guy

I'm 20 years old, 5'10.5 and 199lbs. I have a 38 inch waist. I'm worried that my legs are too big, I measured at the absolute largest part of my thigh and it is 24 inches. How big is that? What is average for a guy?

How to measure it properly?


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  • avg thighs of a guy is around 24 inches and your just perfect /...what you have to do is concn on your waist it shld be less than 36 inches try trimming it 3 inches

    • when I sit down it appears that my legs are huge and they rub together a bit when I walk, is this normal?

    • its because fats are deposited for that you shld do cardio and reduce your weight and do squats it will make it stiff

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