What do you think of this wild hair color?

I want to try something new and different but I'm scared. I am the same complexion as the girl on the far right, and I want the blue hair color. Maybe the bottom layer instead of my entire head. Your thoughts? What would your first impression be if you saw a girl with this blue hair?



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  • Meh... I mean I love wild and crazy hair colors but I've never seen anyone who looked good with an entire head of hair of that color. I find (and my boyfriend adds that he agrees with this) highlights of that color, or sections of different colors look amazing but a whole head just looks stupid and too much. You need to be careful, especially at 18-24 because you need to be taken seriously both for jobs and school and all kinds of stuff.

    This is going to sound really racist but I honestly don't mean it that way if you really are black, (which is what you suggest by saying your complexion is like the girl in the picture's) you need every bonus you can get. Several studies have shown that, especially when applying for a job, white people are far favored over blacks, even if they have equal qualifications. And if someone has a "black" sounding name their resume is more likely to be tossed aside even if it is the strongest on in the group.

    So basically, don't go dying your whole head some crazy color because it's just going to make everything a lot tougher for you. Stereotyping, discrimination.. it's just one more reason for people to not take you seriously... Your age, your hair color your sex your race.. There's all kinds of hate in this world. I love that you want to join the ranks of awesome people with awesome colored hair but keep it subtle and stylish.

    • I have to bite my tongue to tell you that this is the truth.. It is very difficult for a black person to be taken seriously.. Please.. Don't do it. It won't benefit you in any way.. I love the look tho. You strike me as live and fun, Not trashy hood and ghetto.. but DO NOT do this and expect people to treat you with respect.

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  • Personally, I think it would be best if you didn't do the entire head like you said because that would be a bit much. Certain people can pull that off. My first impression of someone with blue hair would be to think how much of a free spirit I thought they were. Which isn't a bad thing at all. I say go for it but don't do the entire head feel like it would make you look tacky. I don't think blue hair goes with EVERYTHING so only doing the bottom layer seems like a good idea.

  • A color like that can look good, but in my opinion it depends a lot on the girl. I think it would be cool and very fresh to make such a big change of hair color, but you can first try to do the bottom layer as you said, and if you want to, you can color the rest after or let it be :)

    - Good luck :)

  • Hood girl.

    • I knew SEVERAL non black girls that died their hair some wacky color every month. So PLEASE! don't pull the "hood" card. Is Katy Perry "hood" what about lady gaga? smh... Do I need to submit links to back up my argument?

    • You're racist. All I said was "hood girl" why are you associating that with black people? Not everyone in the hood is black.. woooooooooooooooooooooooow.. not cool.

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