People tend to talk about beautiful people among average or ugly people?

Are men women more likely to talk about beautiful people (people remarking about how beautiful a person is)when there are more ugly/average looking people around them?

I have noticed how many people/especially women tend to talk about other beautiful women around me (for ex, shopping in a supermarket, on the cashier line), when I look frumpy and just plain disgusting on that day...

have any of you people noticed this, how people seem to gloat over beautiful people when there are more uglies around?


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  • Yeah , Well people will always do that.

    I'll explain, if a person had the option, to A ) Eat at a fancy restaurant of their choice OR B) Fast food restaurant of their choice.

    Majority of people will pick the fancy restaurant over the fast food because it has more eye candy quality then the other.

    People will always choose the higher quality over things because its more appealing to them. OF course its wrong, but its society for you.


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