Business-yy? Please help!

I'm going to see the governor of my state next week for a possible internship position! I need help looking "businessy"! I don't want to look too old. I want to look my age (18), but still classy, fashionable, and with appropriate business attire! Advice, pics, tips,...anything would be helpful! Thanks!


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  • congrats on this! sounds like a big deal. dressing business formal at 18 is tough...the good news is, you have more leeway with wearing things that are more stylish.

    i would say either navy blue or black wide-leg trousers...they're fashionable and totally polished, and dressier than khakis. or, for a different look, a pencil skirt that sits at your waist. if you go for the skirt though, don't get it at forever 21 or something...go to a more adult store like new york and company or j crew. it will be more grown up and less trendy.

    pair these with a satin blouse in a color that compliments your skin tone and eyes (pick a blue if you have blue eyes, purple if you have brown eyes, rust-orange if you have green eyes)...make sure this top isn't sexy though! cleavage is really inappropriate for the workplace. a good rule is no lower than two inches below the collarbone.

    on top of the blouse, wear a one-button blazer in a fabric that matches your bottoms. if it were a regular day in the office, you could omit the jacket, but for the interview, wear one. one-button is more youthful than two-button, and only younger girls have the figure to get away with it.

    as far as accessories go, keep it simple. heels are a must, but keep them less than 4 inches, rounded, closed toe and no platform. color is a variable here, you can make it more fashion-forward by wearing shoes that are a complimentary color to your blouse to make it interesting. jewelry should all be the same metal. a charm necklace and small chandelier earrings are a good call. nothing clunky or beyonce-esque.

    keep your makeup simple, natural colors and NO SHIMMER OR SPARKLES (they will make you look more like a girl playing dressup). only line your upper lashline, preferably in brown, wear a more tawny blush, and wear a berry lip stain (it will make you look more professional as opposed to wearing lipgloss).

    don't have bright colored nails, if you paint them or get them done, keep them short and wear a pale blush or deep maroon color.

    don't overstyle your hair. a good style for this is to blow it out with a round brush, then pull back the top and sides with a clip.

    hope this helps and good luck on your interview!


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  • First of all, it's the governor's office so make sure that you don't get too flashy and lose the professionalism in your attire. That being said, you can definitely look good while being properly dressed for the occasion. I would recommend a pantsuit with a nice blouse. It sounds sort of drab at first, but there are some advantages. First, women's dress pants are usually very flattering because they emphasize the, umm, behind. Haha. Secondly, a well matched blouse can be a light, fun color and worn unbuttoned for a few inches down the neckline so it's not super prude.

    For instance: link

    Close up of the blouse and jacket (different suit): link

    Good luck!

  • How "bout wearing a coffee-stained frock and holding a tin cup filled with pencils. This should ellicit pity, and arouse any politicians nose for a media op. You'll surely be awarded the position, and become a media darling as well. There, done.

  • I would say you want to choose stuff that says: "functional", "practical" versus "fun", "fashionable". So, understate bling, don't feature a lot of ice and sparkly stuff. Makeup very toned down or none at all. Don't wear wobbly shoes. Lose the Shirley Temple curls, perhaps by getting your hair back, and off your face. Think natural fabrics (wool?). I checked out anonymous' link and liked the slacks/jacket/rich-colored, solid blouse combo; although if you can work in a conservative, mid-length skirt it may increase the classiness and downplay "young and inexperienced".

    Good luck and congrats!

    Your photos are impressive. Gorgeous young woman. You won't have trouble being noticed.

    • Thanks so much for the advice, and thanks for the compliment! :)

    • Brightly wound has got it down. Follow her advice. Excellent overall guide. Remember, a follow-up, personalized thankyou letter, on high-grade, cotton-bond letter is a MUST.

      The fact you are smart enough to be aware and ask tells me you are going to do great!

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  • Knee skirt, blazer jacket, stockings, fashionable boots, and nice, delicate jewelry.

    I'm 16, and I wear that to meetings, and competitions all the time... people compliment on how professional I look, and none of my friends think I look older than 18 soo, there you go =)

  • Well my sister wore something like this to an interview for a college scholarship and I thought sh looked really nice:

    some brown dress pants, a brown dress jacket and then a bright blue shirt underneath. she wore a bright color so she wouldn't look so boring and old but she still l ooked nice. she got the whole outfit at jcrew it was similar to this


    and then the matching jaackets (Altough her jacket wasn;t one of those long blazers) then a bright top

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