Girls do you like the pretty boy/bad boy look?

Like I'm tan, and always have a kind of slicked back but clean lined up hair style. And I have clean white teen and a clean complexion.

I'm pretty ripped. Six pack, nice chest and all.

And I usually dress in jeans, v necks and a fitted hat, usually backwards. And I might wear a rosary too.

Do you girls think that's hot?

Is it a turn off?

What do you think of it?


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  • Pretty boy look?

    Meh - depends on the extent.

    Your style seems pretty casual actually - I see tons of dudes where I'm at with the v - necks, hats and rosarys or other necklaces. It's nice / attractive when it doesn't look like he's spent 3 hours getting ready in the morning.

    There are a few guys at my school who dress full out everday - hair is salon / cut perfect, glass rims match the shirt pattern color which matches the jeans threading, which matches the main color of the shoes - everything is ironed card board flat, shoes look like he just bought them 10 seconds ago when he's worn them for weeks, everything is namebrand ( he's sure to let you know that,) face is unrealistically blemish free, ( like come on, you gotta have a small scar from hitting your face on something eventually :P ) hat matches his shirt, hat consist of all types, not just throwbacks but the beanie ones that he has in every color ( even yellow 0_0 )

    And then he does that pretty boy voice, that drags out every vowel - " Eeeeey waasuup?"

    I mean, I commend his style, and I guess it's attractive ( a little over excessive,) but makes me wonder if he's trying to hard to be attractive or gets his confidence through his clothes? Like can he rock a pair of sweats and a t - shirt and still be as confident? Can he go without a tan for a little while?

    Obsession with self image is never a green flag.

    Bad Boy Look?

    Ha ha not sure what that is - I keep picturing like dudes in leather jackets and sun glasses.

    lol - bad boys dress like normal dudes. Some care for their style, some rock a hoodie everday.

    Depends on him really.


    I like a subtle sense of style - know that you can put together an outfit at least. But your style sounds attractive to me so.


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  • Both.

    And advice; Do not slick back your hair. Girls like soft, flowing hair that's longish. Not stuff and gelled.

  • Meh, I'd date you. You seem like you have some style.

    Avoid the hair gel and slicked back hair. Girls prefer the flowing hair so we can run our fingers through it.

  • Not really in my taste,but that's just my own preference talking here.

  • Not really... V necks... guys shouldn't wear those...

    • is that what killled it? the v neck?

    • slick hair too killed it... reminds me of a cow lick hahahaha.. but yea V necks look terrible in my opinion -one thing that I think makes a guy look like a douche- (also tight jeans..) O.o

      Don't mean to offend you or anyone that has that style. I don't find it very hot.. But either way some people I suppose it is a style that fits them.

  • For me, it's a turn off. Too jersey-shore wannabe. Plus, you spelled "rosary" wrong : P

    • who are you correcting? wanna fight? :p jk

    • Hahaha sorry I can't help it. And no...the vneck didn't kill it, it just added to it : / lol I'm personally not a fan of really ripped guys. They look nice, don't get me wrong, but not the best to cuddle with after f***ing. Not a fan of backwards hats either...too douchey-looking. Sorry, lol, but you asked the question so I'm just telling you what my first impression would be : )

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