Guys what is your take on this?

I already know I am not a girlie girl I don't really like heels I can't stand make up and I don't care to much for all the big fancy purses. Don't get me wrong when I am going out somewhere that requires me to dress up I look hot so I don't mind it but really I prefer baggy or loose fitting pants (cargo) and a tight or fitted shirt now I were tight pants or skinny jeans the pants really don't matter but my shirt always have to be tight or fitted so what do you guys think about this


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  • Guys are attracted to women visually at first... before we have a chance to get to know them. It's true.

    But how you look doesn't matter compared to how we FEEL when we're with you.

    And how YOU feel about yourself infects us like a virus. So how YOU feel about yourself is how we guys will feel about you as well. It's a little mysterious but it's true.


    If you're comfortable and happy with how you look then we'll find you as cute and cozy as any other girl.

    The most attractive women are those who are fun and flirty and honest and sincere. And if you're fun and honest and sincere we'll fall all over ourselves to get to know you better.

    Basically love yourself as much as possible... so much so that you make us love you too.

    ~ Robby

    • Thanks you tought me something lol

    • Awesome! Now enjoy your personal pride and help your other girlfriends to feel the same.. comfortable with themselves. :) The world needs more people who like themselves as themselves.

    • Ok I will thanks again

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  • if you prefer dressing for practicality or comfort over fashion/aesthetics then that says things about your personality I would find attractive. but then I am very unusual in that regard.

    • Besides I can certainly understand the appeal of wearing pants that have enough pocket space so that you don't need to worry about carrying a purse around.

  • My girlfriend prefers comfy pants too, nothing wrong with that.

    I kind of prefer her to wear them too, makes her ass easier to squeeze.

  • It shouldn't matter what guys will think. Where whatever you want because that is what you feel like wearing.

    There's more to a woman than just her clothes you know. ;-)

    • i do know that I'm not going to change what I were just because what you guys say I just want to know what you guys think

    • I would think you are different but comfortable with who you are.

    • exacly I am diffrent and that's what I love most about myself ...yhank you Mr.Kain6th

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