Is it hard for girls to realize they're beauty, when they're often wondering if they're good enough or not?

I know that title was a little odee lol sorry, but anyways I guess what I'm trying to ask is, why as girls we don't realize our true beauty, or just human beings in general I guess. I mean I would say I'm pretty mediocre (ya'll can beg to differ if you want, I really don't care) But I think that I'm alright looking. At the same time I can express that I do have some self esteem issue, but in my head I know that I'm better than that. When I see a guy that I find extremely attractive though, I automatically turn myself down and admit that I can never have him. While all this is happening people are telling me that I'm incredibly amazing blah blah I guess is this normal, or?


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  • Most girls are more critical on their own bodies than any potential boyfriend ever will be. Honestly, if you lets a man be with you, assuming you aren't grossly overweight or disfigured, they honestly aren't as picky (including handsome ones) as you make them out to be. It is in your head. Looks are somewhat important to every man, but at the end of the day, we still need a woman that we can tolerate and hopefully like to be around. How you project yourself to the world combined with trying to maximize your best phyiscal traits gives you the overall optimal chances to have a guy take interest in you.

  • Yes, it's completely normal. I see people (mostly girls because they get the worst of the media's criticisms) worry that they're not attractive enough, and if they believe they're not attractive enough, they sometimes take it to the next level and think they're not worthy of anything good. When my sister had an eating disorder, I walked past her room and she had written notes on her mirror that said things like, "Lose it so you can get a boyfriend," "lose it so you can wear a bikini," "lose it so you can dance and look sexy." As if you have to look a certain way to find love, wear what you want, and have fun.

    Our culture is incredibly looks-centric. The media is constantly reminding people (especially girls) of all of their physical "imperfections" just because they want you to buy their products. They don't care that it ruins your self-esteem, it's all part of the plan.


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