How much hurts a tattoo on the wrist?

i am afraid of getting injections because the needle goes in the flesh but when tattoing the needle only goes under the skin so I guessed it won`t feel that bad maybe like acupuncture?

also what do you think about white tattoos and the saying "Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate"


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  • The saying - which is a quote from Dante's The Inferno (Canto III, line 9), is misspelled.

    I would say as a general policy avoid tattoos with:

    * dubious quotes

    * names of future ex-boyfriends

    * tramp stamps

    * angel wings of aerodynamically highly unsound dimensions given the body mass of their wearer

    * anything on breasts

    * around genitalia, any text referring to the apparent luck of its reader

    • is wikipedia your source or do you speak italian because only wikiqoute spelled "ogne" not "ogni" and before I would get one I would check it a few times of course ;)

    • A wise policy :-) I speak maybe only a couple of words, but yes I googled the phrase to be sure and wikiquote was on top so I trusted it. The difference is subtle - abandon "all" vs "every" hope. I don't have any Italian printed editions but online , but the original italian text off link shows ogne

    • oh okay thanks! :)

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  • To me, it felt like it was cutting my skin slowly. Once the initial shock wears off, it was easy to tolerate, especially if you look away or if you have a friend with you to talk to you and distract you. Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance though, it doesn't do much good to ask about their experience, haha.

  • Take a piece of glass or you cats claw and drag it in your skin, it's something like that.

    • haha my cat scratches me all the time I am already used to it lol

    • Ok well imagine that feeling of it scratching you but for a lengthy period of time.

    • Well it's probablly 3x worse especially if it hits the bone.

  • well, each person has a different level of pain tolerance, it'll hurt, but it varies from person to person. some people pass out instantly, others, they laugh and bullsh*t and ignore it.

  • Dont get a white tattoo.

    Hell, I'm against any tattoo (why scar yourself?), but white ones are the most risky.



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  • it feels nothing like an injection, but it doesn't feel pleasant.


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