How can one be sexier in general?

im sick of being the cute girl. I still look like I'm 16. but I'm 23. I hate my pictures I'm not photogenic. I have this goofy dorky smile and I look like a kid and it comes across the same in every Facebook picture. How can I be sexier in photos and in person? how can I practice taking better pictures? What makes you sexy? Should I get a new hair cut or what?


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  • I would need to see a picture to give an honest answer.

    In general, don't be too worried about looking "sexy." The right guy will like you for how you are. You shouldn't change your look for any one person.

    I know what you mean though. Some girls I know look like kids and even though they are only a little younger than me, look like middle schoolers. A lot of looking older has to do with how you act.

    If you truly want to look more mature and have more sex appeal, ditch the comic books, mac and cheese, and any anime you might have. Start wearing make up, throw away the Disney t-shirts and tie-dye, go to the mall and get some fashion forward clothing. Start working out to lose the baby fat and tighten up.

    • thank u! you're right I need a revamp! I actually do wear makeup but it doesn't help lol people still ask me if I'm 18 or something...i think I need to lose weight and get new clothes. I'm too 'conservative' and look like plain jane.

    • A haircut can also help.

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  • Or maybe you should just be happy that you're cute and learn how to work that to its fullest potential instead of trying to be someone else. For the record, I prefer cute girls over sexy girls any day of the week.

    • i know what you mean, but I'm not happy this way :( I feel like I'm in the wrong body. I don't want to look slutty but I want to look more mature at my age and have more confidence and a tad sex appeal. I think its all in the facial expressions and may be my style...

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    • both, but the 2nd one more. I just am not happy this way. I want to look more mature for my age. not like I'm still in high school.

    • I find a short haircut always makes a girl look more mature. And maybe some wardrobe changes.

  • Trust me on this one, it's much better for girls to look cute than sexy.

    Cute makes guys think of you as girlfriend-material. Being sexy makes guys just think about putting their penis on and inside you.

    But if you truly want to be sexy, you have to accentuate what makes a woman's body different from a man's body, but not in a slutty way.

    So your boobs, butt, legs, face and hair.

    • i get what you mean and I agree, I'm in no way trying to be slutty, but I just want to have sex appeal and I guess a bit more maturity as well but somehow I can't if that makes sense...i feel like I need to work on my style and my body and facial expressions. I'm just not happy this way :(

    • Show your legs, until slightly above your knees. Show some cleavage, it's not necessary to show much, the "valley" between your boobs is enough to entice us. Long and loose wavy hair are almost universally preferred by men.

      Don't wear regular t-shirts and jeans that often (I'm not saying you do, just in case you do), start wearing tank tops, skirts, but mostly dresses. Dresses are incredibly sexy.

    • thank u! your right. actually I do wear jeans a lot and shirts...i def need to be more oomph and classy/sassy

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  • Just be you! If men can't accept you for who you are then that's their problem. Learn to love yourself first and be proud of who you are and the right guy will come


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