Okay so I have a birthmark on the upper part of my right butt cheek. Do you think that's hot or not?

Okay so from when I was little I've had this birthmark on my right upper butt cheek. I've always been afraid to wear a bikini in the summer time with my friends to got swimming at the lake, pool, tanning, ect. I always wear swim shorts in the pool, but I want to be just like my friends and wear bikini bottoms like them. There are lots of pool partys and guys come. I feel like an outcast watching my friends get all the attention for wearing bikinis. I'm just afraid what guys will think about me if they see my birthmark. Its really embarrassing and I'm almost 16. Should I just not care and just embrace that my birthmark is just a part of me? What do you guys think? No one is perfect right? My birthmark is probably one 1/2 inches long and not even 1/2 width.


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  • Typical example of girls being so overly fearful of not being perfect. Guys seriously don't give a flying f*** about birthmarks.

    It's being insecure about "flaws" that is the single biggest turn-off for us.


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  • *sigh* I've got a birthmark there too. It's not a good thing, nor is it a bad thing. I doubt too many people would pay much attention to it.

    • So I'm not the only one. Should I just act like its not there and wear my bikinis? what do you do when someone notices yours?

    • Yeah, just act like it isn't there. I'm very rarely in a position where people can even see it, but only people who have known me for my whole life (my family) have ever noticed it. Chances are, no one will notice yours. If someone does, they probably wouldn't pay any attention to it anyway.

  • HAHAHA...I am not a "butt man" but most guys think that landmarks such as yours are hot...in short, what you have is an asset...not a liability...instead of worrying about it...should be HAPPY!...(:

  • If it were me I'd aim for it with my mouth. ;)


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  • Hmmm, embrace it! I don't think people will give it much thought, to tell you the truth. I would not give it another thought really. I'm sure it's fine.

    If it truly, truly bothers you, when you become 18, or now if your folks agree, get a heart tatoo over it.


    • NOOO! Would much rather have the birthmark than ugly old ink! Shame on you!..O:O

    • Me too, but it was just a suggestion, covering all bases. Options, man, options.

  • I think birthmarks are cute. Embrace it :)


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