Ladies, what would you look in a shorter guy if you are taller than average?

What I mean to say is that its. Ot necesary that he is short; rather, you are just a little taller than common girls.

What would b that special thing in him that would turn you towards him?


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  • I've dated a short guy before. I'm not that tall myself, about 5'6. and the guy was about an inch shorter than me. It wasn't a drastic height difference like your question is asking. But height didn't matter to me because I think it's so rare to find someone that you have that connection with and something as insignificant as height isn't going to turn me off.


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  • My crush is about my height and I'm taller than most girls and I don't mind it at all, I feel confident about my height so it makes me feel a model haha

  • good looking face, in shape, swag, confidence, gets along with me


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