What can I say to attract an older libra male.

I am 33 years old and I am trying to get this 41 year old man to like me. He is a libra and I am a scorpio. I am a very attractive lady and normally can attract any man any age. My problem is that he lives in atlanta and I live in phoenix but we work for the same company so we only talk through IM and I can't use my looks or my smiles to sway him in like I do other men.I say small little flirty things to him but I don't get the responses I am looking for. 2 weeks ago I flew out there 4 our company meeting but I didn't get the response I felt I should have., however I am tryin to really get him to like me alittle more so when I go to atlanta in March for another company meeting he will be in to me. What type of conversations can I start with him, so it won't sound childish, or boring, he is a libra so I don't want him to think I am trying to be his girl or anything, since he just got out a relationship. Give me some tips


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  • tips...

    1) Impress him by being competent. Smart. Calm. Professional. Patient. Attract him with your gray muscle rather than your fem charms.

    2) Don't appear to be on the prowl on company time. Many men know this to be waaaaay taboo in this lawsuit happy day and age. His behavior, particularly when others are present must by law be of the highest moral and ethical standards and an attractive woman coming on to him at a company function just might be sending his 'red flag' alert up to full mast.

    3) Don't contrive ANY conversations, just use what topics come up naturally.

    4) Don't get too hopeful as long distance rarely works well.

    5) Don't sweat the astrology thing so much, it likely doesn't matter at all. If it did then you'd see that your forceful more dominant personality just might be overwhelming has more passive balanced "rebound" perspective. Go slow. No, like really slow.

    Any more advice and I'd need a couch. Besides, what do I know? Or anyone else? I'm just trying to offer some male perspective to your situation.

    Good luck.


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  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the "what's your sign" thingy go out in the 70s? Why would you place so much faith in this astrology stuff when pursuing a relationship? It may be some light entertainment but to direct your life based upon some hack's predictions is Koo-koo.

  • relax with the starsigns.. hahaha

    dont bring up starsigns when your with him for god sake


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  • Honey, astrology is junk. It's a terrible way to go through life, wondering how to talk to people based on a silly star chart.

    Be a friend to him. Talk to him about his interests, ask a lot of questions about the things he likes. If he's just out of a serious relationship, he might not be ready for serious dating. But if you can be a friend, the friendship might change into something more when he's ready.

    Also, he might not be interested in you. If so, there's nothing you really do to change his mind.

    Good luck!

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