Messed up a 800$ suit, help?

I bought a Hugo boss suit from nordstorms for 800$. It didn't fit me well, so the agreement with the sales clerk was we were going to send it to alteration to make it fit. It's the only way I could have a well fitted suit, because I am a 'hard fit' and NO company makes suits for the body type I have. My fit is 44 shoulders and 30 waist, which is a 14 'drop'. Its a very rare body type I think, very broad shoulders with a slim waist. I ended up waiting one 1/2 weeks for the alteration and when it was ready. I went there to try it on, it didn't fit me. It's was too tight on the shoulders. If it was a little tight I would wear it, but it's very tight. What should I do? Now I have a 800$ suit in my closet that I can't wear.

Are there any other guys on here with the same body type? If so, where do you get your suits?
I have a thing for sales clerk, we are going out on Saturday. So, I don't want to be mean at the store and make a huge deal because it might ruin things with her. I'm just really mad and somewhat disappointed in my self for having a weird/abnormal body type. I suppose, I just need advice on where I can get a suit for my body type.


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  • When you put it on in the store, you should have complained there and then, and had it sent back for further alteration.

    By accepting the suit, you pissed away 800 bucks.

    I hope she's worth it.


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  • You should've told them the alterations did sh*t! Maybe..have them fix it (somehow) or get your money back. (maybe. Idfk. I don't spend lots on clothes.)


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  • When my father buys suits, im usually with him, and he actually has your same size (44), but when he started buying Hugo Boss suits, he always tells me about how they fit him perfectly and decided to buy another one, so I don't know about you, you should just complain...

  • Nordstrom is an excellent store. I've yet to be disappointed there. My recommendation from you is if you had their tailors hem the suit, that you talk to the management there and explain to them that your suit was not properly fitted. You might just get a refund or partial credit towards a new purchase. Of all major department stores, whenever I've had a problem, Nordstrom has always bent over backwards to fix it. Ask to speak with the store manager as soon as possible. I'm sure they'll come up with some ideas as to how to keep you a happy and loyal customer.

  • You can get offshore m2m for that price that's as good quality as Hugo Boss (which is sadly not very high. I'm not trashing you, I bought several myself before learning better).

    At drop 14 I'd go with that for sure. I don't understand why they changed the shoulders at _all_ though. Generally, changing shoulders is very complicated - you pick a suit based on shoulders, and slim the waist. That said, the amount of waist suppression you'd need is huge, and unless the suit has high armholes, you can't slim that well. And virtually nothing OTR in your (and my) price range has that.

    Go m2m.

    And I wouldn't have accepted the suit.


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