What does it mean when guys are obsessed with the size of your feet?

...what does it mean when guys are obsessed with the size of your feet?

I have quite a few guys that keep making comment about the size of my tiny feet. I mean, it's not that weird. I don't have freakishly small feet. I'm a petite woman (5'1") but it just seems strange that guys comment on it all the time.

I mean, come on. Seriously?! It's proportionate to the size of my body. Is this some kind of weird flirting thing that I don't know about? Is there some kind of hidden message or meaning that I'm not getting? I just...don't understand.

Help me, please.
I don't wear anything particularly flattering as far as shoes go. Mostly combat boots and Chucks.

I dunno, I just assumed it was some weird icebreaker or flirting thing. But whatever, it doesn't matter.

I just was curious because it seems kinda off the wall to me. Oh well, thanks for the help.


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  • Some guys really like feet. Others don't really care that much. Guys in general seem to find petite girls cute, as I do personally. I like the overall small size of petite girls, but don't focus on just their feet. If they are proportional to your size, then no big deal. Perhaps you have really nice feet and nails, combined with you wearing shoes that show them off nicely? I'm going to bet that has something to do with it.


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