Does your opinion on a girl change based on the way she dresses?

Definitely not in a slutty way. I've been told that I dress "rich." Would that make you back away from a girl thinking she's too much to handle and aren't on the same level, whether you like her and/or think she is good looking, or would you still go for it? I'm not directing this to myself by the way, I'm generally speaking.


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  • I tend to dress up more frequently than I dress down. This is not only more "dressy" clothes, but also some designer labels and suits. For girls, a lot of them seem to like it, but for others it might be a bit intimidating.

    I would imagine the same thing is true for girls.

    If a girl really dresses up or spends a lot of money on clothing, a guy might think she's obsessed with that area of her life. As long as it is tasteful though, most guys that dress well like myself actually like a girl that isn't always in a t-shirt or jeans.

    A higher level confidence of man will be better suited for a girl that is dressed well than one who dresses down, whereas more guys will find less intimidating/high-maintenance (even if she is or isn't this way in her actual personality) girls that prefer simpler attire.

    It also depends where you live. I've lived in a big city like Chicago and people there tend to dress up more than in my smaller towns I've lived in. Man in a suit is going to look much more powerful and confident than some guy just wearing shorts and a tank top. Imagine the feeling of a guy dressed up in a fitted suit approaching you. Doesn't that feel a bit hard to handle, even if you are turned on by his fancy dress?

    You can be scared and like the way a girl dresses at the same time. It applies to both genders.

    • Could you elaborate your 4th paragraph?

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    • the whole thing, mostly the second part

    • About higher levels of confidence? Well, designer and high-end clothes, plus dress clothes makes the wearer feel more powerful, both men and women alike. That air of power, that vibe, can sometimes intimidate members of the other sex. The President doesn't wear a t-shirt when giving a speech, right? No, he wears a suit because that suit is emblematic of his power and authority.

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  • it does. how much? that differs from person to person. I wouldn't back away from someone that dresses 'rich', but it puts things into my mind, for example she might drive a really nice car, that sort of thing. it can be intimidating to some people if they don't perceive themselves to be as wealthy, or it can be a green light for a wealthy man that wants to date upper classes. it all depends on the person.

  • When they say rich they mean high maintenance. She's afraid to get dirty and won't do boyish things because of how she dresses. It's a stereotype of course...layed on by the girls who are, really like that


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  • good question :) I rated

  • Yes of course. people judge you based on what you wear. that's just human nature


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