Calling my Hairy Brethren and Advice from Females?

I have a hairy back, some hair on my chest hair, on my ass and hair on my stomach.

I'm definitely insecure about the back and ass hair, but I don't feel right shaving it all off either. So, guys...what do you do for your hairy situations? Shave it all off or trim it down?

I have an idea of shaving my back and trimming down the ass hair. I'm also considering trimming down my chest ( not shaving ) since the summer is coming up and Id like to keep my button ups a little open. I'm still not sure on what I should do with the stomach hair.

My question for the girls is, do you think trimming would be enough or do you think I should shave it all?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I feel ya. My brother in law is hairy like you. My sister loves him just as he is and doesn't care about the hair, but he says it makes him hot (in the literal, temperature sense). The way he tackle? He has my sister use clippers on his back and butt. That clips it short enough to not bother him, but still keeps it soft to the touch instead of feeling prickly. Hope that helped.


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What Girls Said 1

  • hmmm, that's a tough one, I have a friend that is quite hairy. He shaves his chest where it meets his collar line so when he wears shirts no hair sticks out but other than that he lets the rest go. He has accepted it, but he is very outgoing and exuberant. maybe you should try out a couple of things see what you like or are comfortable with, good luck


What Guys Said 1

  • I have hair all over too, after one depilatory cream, and 2 waxes, I'm not going to remove it again. I've actually converted girls in to enjoying the feel of it, particularly when she brushes her nipples through it.

    Do not shave it, or the stubble will be very annoying for you and her.


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