How does a girl know if she's ugly?

So my friends (who are girls) always tell me I'm 'so pretty' and 'gorgeous', and I have one guy friend, straight, who tells me I'm 'beautiful', 'gorgeous', and 'have a great body', when he hears my mom telling my to watch what I eat, and my ex was always telling me I was 'mad cute'. Of course my family does the whole "you're the prettiest girl in the world' thing too. But those people are obligated to tell me I look good, even if I don't, because why would they hurt my feelings by telling me the truth if I was actually disgusting? It's not like I get guys telling me they like me at my school very often, and a lot of the popular jocks are very insulting, asking me where I buy my tights/ bursting into my conversations with rude comments/giving me weird looks. And I almost never had anyone who liked me in middle/elementary school, so is there some way I can know whether or not I'm ugly, because I can't rely on friends/family, and a mind reading machine hasn't been invented yet (lie detectors don't count!). Thanks!


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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You shouldn't be putting yourself down. who cares what the kids say in school. Guys and people will always tease or make fun. Sometimes if a guy makes fun of you or is even insulting with comments they might actually like you. I don't htink you can know whetehr or not your ugly. Everybody is going to give you different opionions based on your looks. Why should you let this define who you are or your personality or character. Be positive and confident and forget about the haters. People will always hate and be rude or mean. That is the way how life is. You have to make yourself happy and you can't worry baout what others say about you.

    • hey! Arnold always taught me that the meanest kids are the ones who secretly have shrines dedicated to you and actually like your football shaped head. but then He's just not that into you came out, so I started to doubt that rule. and how can they like me if all the do is sit next to me? they hardly know anything about me.

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    • and talk to a cute girl. A lot of girls I know that are cute say the same thing that guys don't approach them. I thin part of it is because the girl looks hot and I think guys just assume that a pretty girl is already taken. Maybe they could be intimidated by your height. I'm 6"3 so most girls are shorter then me. It would not be a big deal to me to date a girl who is taller then me. I always see it as if the chemistry and attraction is their then everything falls into place. The guys should not

    • be using height as an excuse to not ask you. I think that is a very lame excuse. Also maybe a lot of guys think that if they ask you out that you might reject them or say no. A lot of guys don't like rejection. I learn how to deal with it. You don't know until you try and everything has risks. It's a 50/50 a girl will either say yes or no. I think a lot of guys are shy and a lot seem clueless on how to pursue a girl.

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  • pretty simple, just ask the internet. However, we don't have a crystal ball, you'd have to put a pic up

    • promise you'll be brutally honest? I'm just so tired of people lying to me

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    • it just makes me want to cry when I think of how often people do things, because they want to spare me. p.s I uploaded two to my profile just for you. I apologize for the lighting, but I feel like the pink eye/ need for shower takes away accuracy.

    • yeah you're pretty. Not like supermodel drop dead gorgeous, I'm not gonna worship your image or anything, but you're an attractive girl for sure. Far from ugly

  • beauty is within hun, there's nothing worse than a compliment about the surface of where true beaty hides, so look deep before you expect to find beauty, because only shallow people would rely on surface studies, but to be brave enough to seek true beauty from within, that is when you understand what every one really sees, because beauty is not something you see, its what you feel.

    • i know, but I just want to know. wouldn't want to be one of those girls who acts like they are much hotter than they are

    • Just be yourself, that way your not acting out anything, your just being self confident, trust your own instinct of your own talents, because what other people see will differ for each individual, so don't try and act hot, just be who you really are, and your be seen as genuine, which is hot to a lot of people,x

  • your like a lot of pretty girls, you don't believe people when they tell you. and to be fair I haven't seen you but, believe me people aren't gonna go out of their way to tell you your pretty if your not.

    quit being insecure and get over your "high quality" problem. its like complaining about having too much money or something

    • maybe I'm not pretty though? I will acknowledge my insecure qualities, instead of denying them vehemently, the way so many do. I probably wasn't this bad back in the day, but I was severely bullied for two years in primary school, by a group of girls, and some kids from the bad neighborhoods, and though I should probably forget about it seven years later, that kind of stuff is hard to forget, hence the paranoia.

    • yes maybe you are, maybe you aren't .. and so what? everyone has different taste. some people might find you pretty, others might not. You can't be so worried about how others perceive you...

  • I will tell you what I think if you show me a pic..(:

    • theres one on my profile

    • LOL! Well..I can't say that your are the "prettiest girl in the world" ARE pretty...jerks in school don't pick who they are nice to based on won't have to be around them much longer and then your life will improve...(:

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