Which look is more appropriate for a guy in his early 20's?

Or more like, which do you tend to prefer? Just for the typical day out... Something a little more dressier/casual like maybe a button-down or polo with a nice pair or shorts or jeans, or more of a casual, "alternative" look (the best way I can describe it), something like the last picture I have on my profile.

I personally like dressing either way (or sometimes I'll just throw on a graphic tee and shorts/jeans and call it good). Just depends on the mood I'm in, or sometimes where I'm off to... but what catches your eye more?


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  • When it comes to simplistic style, I very closely resemble the "Hank Moody" look. Dark dress shirt with a solid color (I prefer shades of gray and black mostly), quality jeans (the darker the blue the better imo), dark brown semi-casual timberland boots (which I might add are INCREDIBLY comfortable). I usually take some mix of this when I go to school or out anywhere. If I'm going to a dive bar, I exchange the dress shirt for a black T-shirt because the dress shirt isn't appropriate. In the summer I go more for the black t-shirt as well. Big thing with the t-shirts though, make sure they fit right obviously.

    I don't luck in my dress shirt, and I don't do ties usually. When were going out somewhere nicer, I have a couple nice dinner jackets which can easily go over what I just listed above. Both of them, yet again, are on the darker side. I like my "Andrew Fezza Brown Microsuede Portly Sport Coat" looks very sharp. Oh, and I never forget the brown belt I have. If you do decide to tuck in your shirt, no belt is a bad look.

    The next step up from that would be a nice suit. But if you have an occasion where you need such a suit, you're going to want to get some professional help at the store. Men's Warehouse helped a great deal the first time I went "real" clothes shopping.

    • Yeah Men's Wearhouse is good stuff... I need to head up there soon, lol. I tend to prefer darker colors tho too.

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    • Hey man, I made a trip up to MW earlier this evening... Picked out 2 button-down shirts for $80. One of them is especially nice! Thanks for the referral!

    • Definitely, they have some nice button downs there. Glad I could help.

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  • What catches MY eye, isn`t WHAT he is wearing, but how he wears it. You could have the same T-shirt as one guy, but wear it better. If you know what I mean.

    I know what you mean by your mood, somedays I`ll be out in a pencil skirt and blouse and the next in purple plaid boustiers, buckles, chains, and ripped jeans!

  • Honestly, whatever you feel best in. Any of the looks you mentioned are good!


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