Guys do you like "beach hair"?

actually I would have long, brown, wavy hair but it always gets lighter in summer so my ends are already kind of gold blond, my lenghts are light brown and my roots are brown

do you like this kind of style or would you prefer if I would have all over brown hair


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  • I prefer whatever is a girls natural hair color. If she's going to do anything, I don't mind a few highlights. I'm not a fan of the full-on bleach, because after a couple of weeks, all the roots start growing back and the color is uneven and looks odd. Natural or minimal highlighting is where its at.

    • She said "beach" hair, not bleached hair. Haha. It just means kind of wavy and messy... Like the way your hair dries naturally after you've been in salt water.

    • She kept on talking about color, so I assume she meant color, not so much the waviness. Personally, I like wavy/curly hair just as much as straight. As long as it is long and doesn't have mismatched roots, I think a woman's hair is beautiful. :)

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  • I don't have a hair preference for girls at all as long as it at least LOOKS natural. The only time it's ever a turnoff for me is when a girl's hair color is a very obvious dye job or is styled in a way that looks like it was done professionally. I don't like the high maintenance look.

  • doesn't would look great either way!...(:


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  • I don't think guys really care, as long as you're clean and you look good! :)

    • Oui, c'est of course! LOL..why would anyone ever think otherwise?!...(:

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