Am I the only one who thinks a party is lame if there are little to no attractive girls present?

Even if my friends are there, even if there is tons of alcohol and great music, I think a party is "lame" or should not even be called a party if there are not females, and attractive females.

A guy is a hunter, and part of our goal in life is to meet the right mate and breed with them.

So whenever I go to a social event, especially a house party or bar party, I feel there should be women there.

If not, it is lame and a waste of my time.

I am not an alcoholic, and do not go out just to get drunk.

Does anybody else feel this way?


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  • Guy does not equal hunter. Girl does not equal prey. There are animalistic urges but I don't go to a party with the express intent of mating with some girl. I go to a party to meet people, have stimulating conversation, and just break the monotony of my academic life. That may or may not include hooking up. 90% of the time I'm not interested in hooking up with anyone, even if they are attractive. My reasons for going to a party are usually more platonic.

    • I completely agree, my reasons of going to a party are platonic also.

      But, something inside me gets annoyed when there are no hot women.

      For example, ever been to a regular Walmart, ...aka not a super Walmart?

      I go to regular Walmart and get whatever it is I need, but I still feel like the place sucks and is missing something.

      Then I want to go to Super Walmart.

      The party, and the regular Walmart may get my needs done, but I still feel like it is lame.

      Lol, does that make ANY SENSE to you?


    • No, and I think less of you having read a Walmart metaphor.

    • Seriously, I think Walmart was a great metaphor to use.


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  • Every heterosexual male I know is like that.

    • If this is true, why do I still see parties and bars with a 8-1 guy to girl ratio in the area I am in?

      I walk in, and walk out.

      Many times girls check me out. But honestly, I am not going to compete with the 6 guys already talking to the 2 girls there.

      I just walked by what is supposed to be a crazy big street party in my town. At least 1,500 people are there and seriously 1000-1200 are men.

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    • sorry, women than men.

    • What state do you live in, if I may ask?

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  • You are not the only one. Attractive women always make the party better, even more so than alcohol

    • I threw a big party last year where I raffled off Victoria Secret gift cards so that I can pretty much promise to have a good ratio.

      It worked!

      Unfortunately, we of course lost like 30 dollars each host, four of us. So the other guys did not want to do it again.

      This is the BEST ratio I have seen at a party by far since I moved to this new college town.

  • I agree.

  • Those are what we call 'sausage fests'

    • Are most parties sausage fests?

      Or do hot girls go to like super hip more popular people parties that I am not invited to or know about?

  • I'm bored on Friday night too brah

    • I was invited to multiple parties. Texting people at them, there are little number of women.

      There is a GIANT infamous college street party outside right now.

      I am just annoyed because the ratio SUCKS hard.

      I just wonder how it could be allowed to be famous with little to no hot women!

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