Your opinion shower caps?

I wear a shower cap so that I don't have to straighten my hair everyday, and I never considered it an issue until now, but is it unattractive to guys?
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  • I laughed when I saw this question.

    Of all the things guys DON'T think about, this has to rank near the top.

    Unless the guy is in the shower with you, how is he even going to know?

    You wash your hair every other day or every three days, right?

    Don't sweat it, you'll be just fine.

    • He might see it, so I was just wondering if I needed to take evasive measures or something to keep up the sex appeal lol. Yeah pretty much.

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    • If you asked your man, I'm sure he'd laugh. Don't sweat it, enjoy your showers. :)

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What Guys Said 4

  • Well I thought about this question for years, I mean the complexities and ramifications of wearing a showercap are intricate and numerous.

    I won't get into much detail here, but you can message me and I'll refer you to the PHD thesis I wrote on the subject.

    But the ultimate conclusion me and my team of dedicated researchers came do after studying the question for 15 years was: nobody really gives a f***.

  • A shower cap blocks the water.

    That means the water it doesn't get to your hair.

    And that means your hair doesn't get washed.

    It's kinda gross.

    • Not all hair is the same FYI.

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    • You aren't supposed to wash your hair every day. Unless you're putting product in it or sweating profusely there's no need to. Google how to take care of hair.

    • You people take things too seriously.

  • Wet hair is hot... But as long as you wash your hair and everything, do whatever works for you. It's not a big deal. Wearing a shower cap reminds me of something nasty old ladies would do tho... ;)

  • I think its cute. But I'm a virgin so I guess my opinion doesn't count.


What Girls Said 1

  • lol I've never had one or used one


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