Can good looking people ever be wrong in life?

i have very simple question can good looking person be mean to others and get away with it never have pay consequences for what they do others and say mean things when it them who are wrong deliberately all because they don't like some one for no real reason

the person hurted suffers end alone other goes along merry in life having even more friends and even more popular .when it he os good looking popular guy with lots friends and good looking women like him boost about such stud he like women just not this person to this person how much stud his is and it shows with al girls that like him and add and want to be around him all time love him and get to know him rejection quiet shy person with low self esteem image problem who was only trying to be nice that person to come hard and harsh on person for no reason .

he gets away with life only better despite he the one who nasty person to some one been nice to them make them feel better .

good looking person life improved and other person still by themselves with no body life has got worse for them not better person who was cruel nothing happens them its just get better for them worse for innocent person who was wronged


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  • The answer is yes: A good looking person can be mean to others and get away with it.

    However, despite how many times this happens, eventually things can catch up to a person.

    People don't like having others come along and say or do mean things. No matter how popular you are because of looks, all that goes away with years and people start figuring out how cruel you really are towards other people.

    • but do they figure out it if they there good actor they can hide forever like what he doing .he had no conscience at attention just went on next good looking girl and next and next and next no end to women liking I don't they care if they lining to them or not they like his attention an he knows too .why should he care he always find replacement for her and next her no supplie of women for him he carfree

    • You are right. Most people who are like this don't care because there are enough stupid women out there willing to waste themselves on a guy like that.

  • if your good looking you can probably get away with allot more sh*t, its not really a benefit tho because happiness cannot be found by selfishly taking advantage of others so good looking or not isn't really the issue.

    • well it is good looking get away speeding ticket bad treatment of others get reward for bad treatment

      like what happened .i was innocent party he was a**hole who got stuck with bill me

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    • i am not the one douchebag it was him I was only trying to be nice is all way all I am saying good looking people do get away with a lot stuff even been mean to people less advantage because of halo effect .no one sees wrong in there eyes

    • i agree with you they they can more readily get away with more sh*t!

      the thing is tho, about the stuff that really maters like being happy, getting away with sh*t =/= happiness, if you want to be happy you have to live a life that doesn't require getting away with sh*t so then being good looking is a moot point.

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