Ladies, how can confidence or personality make up for this body?


**Ugly = Fat** (I am not showing my face on the internet)

Girls always claim that confidence and personality are the main keys to attraction. However, confidence (in most cases) and personality don't help initial attraction which matters a lot more.

If I had an immense amount confidence I would be labeled as creep. Because the term creep is only reserved for UGLY MEN or men who do inappropriate actions towards women. If I had a lot of personality or charisma all I amount to is a lowly friend (friend zone) which is condescending.

Explain, how can confidence or personality make up for this body or bodies even worse than mine? Because it seems that women are lying about this.

Also I am working out and dieting and so far I lost 40 pounds, some muscle and a lot of strength and I still look the same from when I wasn't work working out. So this is a failure so far. Even though I'm working hard to better myself I'm still labeled as an inferior being who doesn't take care of himself. As for my chest (gynecomastia), I plan on getting surgery despite the risks. Life in this body isn't worth living, so I don't care about risking my life.

At least there is one plus side to my body, I look halfway decent in dark clothes (I mainly wear black).


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  • From what you wrote, you're putting yourself down. You're giving up before you even try.Foe example:If I had a lot of personality or charisma all I amount to is a lowly friend (friend zone) which is condescending." No girl wants to be with someone like that, especially on a romantic level. If you lost 40 pounds I highly doubt you look the same. Sometimes when we lose weight, we don't notice because we see ourselves all the time.The fact that you're downing yourself shows that maybe you don't love yourself. And if that's true, then how do you expect anyone else to love you? I know it's cliche, haha, but it's true.


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  • ur working out and the result so far is not good, that's what you mean. .hhhmmm. but dun give up! try to work out, not for the girls to like u, but for yourself!

    i would never fall for a guy who has that great body and looks, I always fall for the personality. having confidence would'nt label you as a creep, dun think about those looser! a girl should like u, she should'nt like you for your body!

    question about your personality, so just be yourself! it does'nt matter if people like it or not, if your happy with your personality, then you should'nt give a damn to other people's comment! confidence level boost up always when you look in the mirror and love yourself!

  • Being completely honest, for me, confidence/personality couldn't, not in a romantic way anyway. I'm all about fairness and looking deeper into people, but I wouldn't be attracted to you and I work a lot harder to keep in shape. But for a girl with a similar body type to yours? It could help quite a bit. If you want to see a drastic improvement in your dating life, improve your looks and your confidence. Looks matter, plain and simple. Even to women. The reason why women make such a big deal about confidence is because we've experience first hand a situation in which a guy was either A) A knockout, but he had so little confidence we weren't attracted to him or B) Average, so-so, but his confidence was so high that we were strongly attracted to him. If you are not even close to a girls' type physically, no amount of confidence will fix that. Looks still matter initially.


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