I think that I lack style... What can I do?

What can I do to take myself from average to hot enough to melt the sidewalk like 10/10 hot? The warm weather is coming soon. I am usually a t shirt and jeans guy...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • T shirt and jeans are fine for guys, but make sure they fit well . Also, eye contact and a welcoming smile go a long way.

    • I don't like to really smile. I tend to laugh a lot but the woman may think thatI am laughing at her lol.

    • Nah, as long as you aren't rude she won't think that. Girls like to laugh, especially girls who like to have fun. Cheerful guys get the girls -- brooding guys only get the weird girls who want to date vampires...

    • Some find it annoying

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What Girls Said 4

  • nobody is average, everyone has something unique! trust me boy, you do have something hidden in your personality. to change the looks, jeans and t.shirts are cool, you can try to wear shirts sometimes, fix your hair when you go out, smell good, have a smile on your face.

    but honestly, you dun need to change yourself just because of people will like you if u'll be hot. Nothing is hotter than a man himself. the way he talks, walks, attitude, personality, it all depends on each individuals!

  • You could google outfit ideas and try to recreate the ones you like, you could ask a friend to help you out or you could pick a celebrity style icon and copy them.

    • I don't want to swagger jack lol. I need to become the celeb lol. I have my work cut out for me. Some say I am a 6/10. some say I am a 10/10 already. So I think I am a 5/10 just to be on the safe side lol.

  • Get toned up. I think guys in a wife beater and jeans are hot. Especially when muscles show through.

    • I already workout lol. I got tone... I just do not show it. I want ti to be a surprise... I will wear a wifbeater only around the house. Not in public unless I was doing a ditry job outside...

    • Oh just wear it! I like for my body to be a surprise but sometimes I have to show a little to get the attention I want.

    • I am not like that lol. I rather for the woman to get to know me. She will not stay after the lust burns out lol

  • see fashion programs.


What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly it isn't necessary unless you want to change your entire wardobe for the sake of wanting a new look but the man makes the clothes, the clothes doesn't make the man.


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