I want to have a style.

Wenns dir nicht gefällt, macht neu. Wise German words. Means when you don't like it, make it new. It kinda being life.

Right now, I dress pretty boring. Random solid tees, with the same rain jacket everyday and jeans and tennis shoes.

I was kinda thinking this:


And that guy is wearing that with jeans, looks casual but good?

He also wears a black shirt with a blue tie. But I love that narrow tie look.

I am about 5' 10" and 165lbs. I workout some, but you can't really tell. I have a on the skinny side- but overall very average build.

I dunno, they say dress for success, and I don't feel very successful right now.

But I guess a question would be where to find shirts like that that are comfortable, and you can wear them without an undershirt? Or will I just have to get over that?

Are there any other suggestions what what kinda style to go for? I don't want to have to spend all that much time in the morning though.


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  • i have lots of "dress" shirts, but I always wear an undershirt, normally I wear a white v neck underneath them as I find them to be more comfortable and gives a bit of added style to what I wear, I usually have something like my profile pic on when I go out, you can go to JC Penny's Kohl's, Rue 21, Gordmans, there are many good stores with nice button up long sleeve shirts, I like to roll mine up past my elbow because my arms are a little on the muscular side and I can't seem to get a good feeling in the forearms if I leave them how they are. I am 6'1 and I weight 155 lbs, but I can barely fit my arms through the shirts size I wear because my forearms are too friggin big :/


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