Average Joe, your bold and maybe even fat or ugly, are realist in search for attractive women?

Sorry 'Joe" average I'm asking this not to offend you but instead, to make you think realistic . All guys think that they going to attract Paula Anderson or Naomi Campbell jet they can't even pick up Roseanne... Punch- line please ...Hahn get it "pick up " but any

what you seriously think about this issue? What type can you pick up?

but guy go ahead and try a "Roseanne" beacue she just may be you all time match..
yet they can't even pick up Roseanne
link I also incluedd my beat, music hip hop for free


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  • Idk. Not being high on myself, but guys have told me I'm a pretty sexy & attractive girl. I'm not one who really judges somone based on there looks. Infact most of the guys I hit it off with are more "average Joe" because most of time there normally really awsome guys (Funny, Sweet, & actually care, ect). Most of the time Guys that most people think are "attractive" tend to somtimes be jerks, & most of the time it doesn't really work because its based attraction more then it is connection. Not saying all...just some.


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  • Imo, I truly believe that people should pursue who they want, BUT they should understand that their odds for "success" are lower if they aim for people that are above their league of attractiveness.

    So yes, the Average Joe that is bald / fat / ugly, can get a top-tier female...but although as much as people don't want to admit it, his odds are significantly higher if he aims to get a female that is on a similar global attractiveness as he is.

  • Ouch! My pride...

    Kidding, my name is neither Joe, nor am I average. So what if I'm better than you and you're jealous. Haters gonna hate. Actually, now that I reread your question... what are you trying to do, turn average guys gay or something?

    You can pick up any girl you want if she's single, and leagues are something of the past, unless you want to hold on to something longterm. Confidence matters so much more than a guy's body condition, TO MOST WOMEN. Shows you're alpha enough to not be a wuss around her.

  • Did you seriously drop a Roseanne reference? What are you, 40? And thank you for links to your music, nothing screams "tool" louder than that.

    • ? were do began ...with tool? you don't music so your going to "hate"

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    • I JUST got invited to the excessive reverbnation licensing program , nothing scream success more THEN getting your music reviewd by major hollywood studio's and more..so

    • I'm 45 and I look great for my age.

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