Looking for new haircut ideas, guys and girls please?

Can anyone recommend a beautiful, easy to maintain but feminine haircut please? :) I love the long hair but short layers look with a side fringe, but something a bit more mature and less like a.. 'scene kid'. As I'm soon turning 19 and want to look my age!

I have long naturally straight hair that falls just below my bust and would like to keep it that length but my hair is quite fine so I need layers to volumise it a bit :) Photos would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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  • I getcha. A long, classy but modern style :)

    Here are some (it depends how bold you want it to be):

    link link link link

    I'd say long hair with a decently long fringe is fairly timeless. For the bottom layer get it shaped so that it's in a "V" or straight across in a really hard edge. It not only makes it look suuuuper healthy, but it's much bolder.

    • Thanks for your answer :) I like them but I'm looking for shorter layers really and a side fringe instead of those ones in the photos x Thanks for your suggestions tho!

    • If you're hair is super long, the hairdresser usually suggests you don't get short layers and a side fringe, cos it can look "mushroomy". Good luck :)

    • Thanks for the advice :) I guess I just want it easier to maintain without losing the length, but I guess I'll have to lose some! x

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