Does a guy in love have a certain "look" in his eyes?

My mom claims that every time she talks to my ex (we have a long history of being together since we were young) that she can just tell he loves me because he has a "look" in his eyes. We have said we love each other before, but we have a weird relationship so its not said much. We're bascially just trying to stay friends since there's not much you can do when you're young except go out and have fun being single. Does anyone else believe that there's a certain thing in your eyes that gives it away if you're in love with someone?


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  • I think you've been watching too many movies haha. But there could be a certain "sparkle" in his eyes when you make him laugh or he makes you laugh. Your Mom might be right though,


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  • From what I've heard, it does exist! Perhaps not like an actual sparkle in your eyes or something but I always hear people talking about a subtle change in expression.

    I almost wish there wasn't lol

  • I think there can be a "look" that suggests strong feelings to say the least. I've been told I get a "look" in my eyes when talking about my now-ex boyfriend (*sigh*), I apparently *light* up, and my eyes *sparkle* and I love him with all my heart