Looks are just as important, matter as much to girls as they do to guys, because all of the hot, cute, pretty

girls I have seen that are taken, have boyfriends who are very good-looking themselves too, in good shape, have six-packs, muscular, if not muscular just fit, skinny and good weight, etc.

People say, often argue, say that ugly girls have it harder than ugly guys, but I feel anyone of any gender, male or female, that is physically unattractive, will have it difficult attracting someone.
I was expecting more answers than this, so what do you think? I really think looks attract women just as much as they attract men, because the hot, cute, pretty girls that are always taken, they are taken by good-looking guys themselves, that's what I have observed, seen, witnessed, but yet girls always say that looks are not important because I guess they don't want to sound shallow, but I think they are, or can be just as shallow as guys, if not more than them, what do you think?
Well? are looks very important or what? to girls? women?


Most Helpful Guy

  • everyone wants an attractive partner.

    • exactly, but many people argue, say that looks are not as important to women

    • Oh well yeah some girls just say that not to seem shallow when truth is, their pickier than us period.

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  • my last boyfriend was not ugly nor was he the hottest guy. the main feature I loved about him was his eyes and his voice. I think he was average, just like me. don't worry about looks too too much but yes I guess looks are what attract but it really isn't something that lasts long term

    • you girls have high standards

What Guys Said 2

  • i agree

  • Amen!


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