What beauty products are you disappointed with?

Have you tried any products lately that you despise and would NEVER recommend to a friend?


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  • My colored pencils. I was stoked when I first got them. but they wouldn't go on my face so easily. :-(


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  • I've tried them all and obviously none of em work.


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  • Bare minerals, not only does it not work to eliminate breakouts and pimples but it makes your face look caked and dry. It really disappointed me because my face always itched when using it, it has a weird smell to it andmy face always felt dry and pale looking. Doesn't work a bit but covering up half of your infected area on your face and making it look dry and unhealthy at the same time.

    • I love Bare minerals.. in fact that is mostly what I use :(

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    • From what I can tell, Bare Minerals is a love or hate thing.

      It's the only foundation that works for me, doesn't make me break out, and looks most natural. I'd never use anything else.

      QA, I suggest you go to Sephora and get a small sample. See if it works for you or not.

    • I love Bare Minerals, I only wear the powder, but it works great for me, my skin isn't sensitive though, so that's probably why. Ik many people don't like bare minerals, I think it all depends on the person :)

  • at home waxing kits, couldn't get the wax off my legs and had to make an emergency appt to finish the job, but not before my legs got stuck to my pants lol.

    • There are wax removers. Also Acetone works really well. I have to tell you about the time I spilled wax on my bathroom floor all around me. I couldn't move. I literally stood there and screamed out of frustration. Lol

    • yeah, but I needed to get the wax jon finished, I didn't want half waxed legs.

    • and that totally sucks lol.

  • Pretty much every drugstore brand has caused me issues, but I have VERY sensitive skin so I think the chemicals they use in cheaper makeup brands causes me to break out.

    I've never been a fan of the Too Faced brand. Their lip gloss is too sticky, their eyeshadow has tons of fallout and creases, their foundation looks fake and caked...the only thing of theirs I like is their lip plumper. That works really well.

  • 24 hr lip gloss and lipsticks.. They dry and chap my lips. Also all products that claim to be lip plumper. They don't work.

    • Which brands are you using for the lip plumper? Too Faced has a pretty good line that has always worked for me.

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    • They have it at Sephora and Ulta, its getting more popular so you may be able to find it at the department stores too. It depends on what you get. The regular sized bottle that isn't "extreme plump" is $20. The extreme plump is like $26. They have a ton of colors though and it works amazingly.

    • Cool next time I go to Sephora I'll look for it. Thanks :)

  • Pretty much every eyeshadow/foundation/bronzer bought at the drugstore. Waxing kits you buy and microwave... completely doesn't work.

    • Agree with the first part. But you got to go to beauty supply stores for waxing products. I use Mojan's microwaveable and it works like a charm.

    • Ahhh yess I never even thought about going there. Thanks!

  • Covergirl natureluxe liquid silk foundation. It made my face look really caked and also made me break out really bad, I'v never broke out so bad.


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