Hair and makeup for a mixer of Friday?

I'm 16 and I'm going to a mixer this Friday. I don't know how I should wear my hair and do my makeup. I have long blond hair and I'm not pale but I'm not tan, and I have blue eyes. opinions and ideas please and it nothing to fancy I just want to look as hot as possible. and are fake eyelashes and lipstick a good idea?


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  • A hint of blush on your cheeks. Brown smokey eye makeup(brown and blue go together and you don't look like a whore). A little bit of mascara and eye liner. Look natural with your makeup as possible. Guys don't like gawdy makeup. Don't do an up do. Go with loose curls or sraight hair. You can't go wrong with either. When I say loose curls think Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus. Not a fan of either of them but I love their hair!

    Fake eyelashes no, unless you have thin eyelashes but I would avoid them. They are too fake. Lipstick is a good idea as long as its natural.


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